How to Buy

Raindrop Box 50 is our flagship product -- a simple rain collection system that lets you make a difference in a drought-stricken world, without having to be a DIY geek. You just click it once to buy it, and click again to extend your system in increments of 50 gallons. It's just that easy.

Raindrop Box Packages

We have two configurations: Starter Package and Extension Package. The Raindrop Box itself is the same in both, but we include different accessories:

  • Starter Package: includes an Oatey Mystic downspout diverter so you can capture water from your roof gutter system. Starter Package Accessories
  • Extension Package: includes a short hose with two connectors and a plug for the top hole. Extension Package Accessories

Both packages are configured with quick-connectors on each exit port at the bottom, compatible with most garden hose accessories and with our Extension Package connector hose.

Buy Direct From Us

This was originally a Kickstarter project in 2015, a year of historic drought in California. The product is no longer in production but there is some remaining inventory available -- no shipping, but if you're local to the Bay Area, contact us and we can coordinate with you.

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