Raindrop Box — Learn

Raindrop Box is an extensible system for collecting rainwater and storing it for later landscaping use.

Your first Raindrop Box is the Starter Package and comes with a downspout diverter that allows you to capture some of the rainwater from your roof (that otherwise would have gone down the downspout). The Oatey Mystic diverter that we bundle with your Raindrop Box Starter uses a patented design to channel water to your collection system, but not leaves and debris. You do have to cut your downspout to install the diverter, but that's the only modification you need to make.


Set up your Raindrop Box near a downspout, install the diverter, and you're done!

  • Locate your Raindrop Box near a downspout
  • Make sure the ground is level
  • Gravel or concrete is recommended under box
  • Install downspout diverter

Extending Your System

Unlike other rain collection systems, you can expand the capacity of your Raindrop Box system while it has water in it! Raindrop Box comes with quick-connect fittings that keep the water in the box, but allow you to easily extend your system with more boxes with just one click. Use a short section of hose (provided in the Extender Package) to click first into the new (empty) Box, then click the other end to the existing Box or system, and the water will flow into the new Box automatically. There is no need to empty the system or drill any holes. Just click — it's that easy!

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